Thank you for visiting my webpage. I am an associate professor of finance at EDHEC Business School and a CEPR research affiliate. Prior to that, I worked as an Economist at the Bank For International Settlements (BIS) in Switzerland. I was a predoctoral fellow at Harvard University and I hold a PhD from the Swiss Finance Institute at the University of Lugano. My research interests are in asset management, corporate finance, and household finance. You can contact me at [email protected] and download my CV here:




Published Papers

1) Trading Out of Sight: An Analysis of Cross-Trading in Mutual Fund Families, with A. Eisele, T. Nefedova, and K. Peijnenburg
Link to the paper
Journal of Financial Economics 2020, Vol 135, Issue 2, Pages 359-378

2) Noncognitive Abilities and Financial Distress: Evidence from a Representative Household Panel, with K. Peijnenburg
Link to the paper
Review of Financial Studies 2019, Vol 32, Issue 10, Pages 3884-3919

3) Threat of Entry and Debt Maturity: Evidence from Airlines
Link to the paper
Journal of Financial Economics 2018, Vol 127, Issue 2, Pages 226-247
WFA Cubist Systematic Strategies Award for Outstanding Research

Working Papers

4) Family First? Nepotism and Stock Returns with F. Leone and C. Sommavilla
Main Conferences: FIRS and EFA
Media Coverage: The Times, Columbia Law School blog, Bloomberg

5) Debt De-risking, with J. Cutura and A. Schrimpf

6) Breaking Bad: How Health Shocks Prompt Crime, with K. Peijnenburg and S. Andersen

7) Myopic Firms

Work in Progress

The Real Effects of Debt Transfers with M. Bottero, S. Lenzu, and F. Mezzanotti


Seminars and Conferences

[This section is not updated, check the CV for the updated list of conferences]
Trading Out of Sight: BIS 5th Research Workshop, FIRS 2016 Lisbon, Swiss Winter Finance Conference 2016, EFA 2015 Vienna*, AFA 2014 Philadelphia, Bank for International Settlement Basel, Harvard Business School, EFMA Reading 2013*, AFFI Lyon 2013*, Paris Dauphine*, Geneva Conference on Liquidity and Arbitrage Trading 2012, 11th Swiss Doctoral Workshop in Finance, Study Center Gerzensee*;
Noncognitive Abilities and Financial Distress: Miami Behavioral 2016*, Behavioral Finance Conference Amsterdam*, Bocconi University*, the Erasmus School of Economics*, Lund University*, Maastricht University*, Tilburg University*;
Threat of Entry and Debt Maturity : WFA 2015 Seattle, EFA 2015 Vienna, SFS Finance Cavalcade 2015 Atlanta, Eurofidai/AFFI Paris 2014, Bocconi University, Stockholm School of Economics, Harvard Business School, Lugano (USI), Oxford University Said Business School, Cambridge Judge Business School, Cunef, Hong Kong University, Aalto Business School, Frankfurt School of Finance and Management;
Do Underpriced Firms Innovate Less?: Gerzensee Doctoral Seminar 2013;
Family First?: FIRS 2018 Barcelona**, EEA 2017 Lisbon, Nova SBE, EFA 2016 Oslo, Eurofidai 2016 Paris, Bank for International Settlements (BIS)

** Scheduled
* Presented by co-author